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Cell phone reviews

Welcome to Good Cell Phone Reviews Blog. Our purpose in starting this blog is to bring to you good cell phone reviews as well as the latest information about cell phones available on the market. We will also include cell phone company announcements regarding their latest products as well as news about anything mobile, including PDAs and Smartphones which are part of the mobile computing world. We hope you will enjoy this blog as much as we do in starting it.

Sony Super LCD versus Super AMOLED

Here is an interesting comparison between two of the best mobile phone screens out thereā€¦ the Samsung Super AMOLED and Sony Super LCD.

Mobile deals

I know that sometimes I look for the best deals that I can get from mobile contracts in order to fit my budget and my needs as a consumer of the product. If you are looking for the best mobile deals, you should be aware of the various mobile contracts offered by the telco companies. There are companies which offer sim only contracts and you have to get the mobile phone of your choice on your own. Other companies have mobile broadband deals and you certainly could take advantage of the offer if you are a business person or a power user that needs to use a mobile broadband for your mobile needs. If one is not satisfied with the service provided by the service provider,you can come out of the contract without paying a termination fee if someone else is willing to go through the contract for the remaining period. However this method is not recommended by the companies as they do not deal with the actual transfer.

Nokia N96 video demonstration

A video demo of the Nokia N96, the latest model in the N-series and (we must also say) the sexiest and most powerful phone ever. This phone is certainly the ultimate piece of pocket candy.

Changjiang A968 dual SIM TV mobile video

A video demonstration of Changjiang A968 which was launched in May 2008. Features include a dual SIM, Dual Standby TV, FM Stereo, touch screen and cool appearance with a black silver colour.

Heavy cell phone use tied to poorer sperm quality


Now who would guess that using a cell phone all the time can cause men to become infertile? According to a study:

Spending hours on a cell phone each day may affect the quality of a man’s sperm, preliminary research suggests. In a study of 361 men seen at their infertility clinic, researchers at the Cleveland Clinic found an association between the patients’ cell phone use and their sperm quality. On average, the more hours the men spent on their cell phones each day, the lower their sperm count and the greater their percentage of abnormal sperm. (more…)