Motorola Defy Mini XT320

Motorola Defy is one of the popular smartphone of this year. This smartphone is popular all across the globe because of its specs and standard features. Now Motorola is going to hit the market with a mini edition of this Motorola Defy smartphone. This mini edition is named as Motorola Defy Mini XT320 which will hit the market soon. Motorola Defy Mini XT320 is also going to maintain the standard of previous Motorola Defy because of its specs and standard features.

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Sony Ericsson MT27i Pepper

In the first week of January 2012 few of the upcoming smartphones were leaked and one of these is Android running Sony Ericsson MT27i Pepper. This smartphone is going to be most standard smartphone of Sony Ericsson because of its latest hardware and specifications. By this smartphone we can easily guess Sony Ericsson is going to improve its smartphones and going to hit the market with really good smartphones in 2012.

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ZTE Blade II

Just few days before upcoming Android smartphone of ZTE were revealed. This new ZTE smartphone is ZTE Blade II which will be releasing in upcoming two months. This ZTE Blade II smartphone is upgraded version of ZTE Blade as its name suggests also. ZTE Blade is also known as ZTE FTV Phone. ZTE Blade II is far better than earlier existing Blade ZTE smartphone which can easily be understood after comparing the hardware specs. Get free jessops voucher code to avail huge discounts at Jessops online store.

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Celkon C 999

Since many previous months, many hikes are coming to the era of cellphones and smartphones. This is causing new arrival of brands and number of new cellphones. Recently, a new Celkon brand has released its standard phone i.e. Celkon C 999. This phone is featuring a new OS i.e. Rtos OS. At present, no reviews are available regarding the Rtos OS. But this OS can’t offer flexibility as much as Android OS and iOS. Rest of specifications and features of this phone are pretty good.

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Sony Ericsson LT22i Nypon

In January 2012, few of the upcoming Android smartphones of Sony was leaked and one of these is Sony Ericsson LT22i Nypon. In the leaked news most of the specs and features of this Sony smartphone was revealed. Now it can easily be said that, Sony Ericsson LT22i Nypon is going to be one of the standard smartphone because of its hardware and features.

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