Release date of the Google Nexus 5

Google Nexus 5

In the mobile phones market, the success of any Smartphone is highly dependent on price, features as well as the level to which marketing is undertaken. When it comes to Google Nexus 5, the hype that has been experienced in the recent past is just more than a marketing team would need to do for a successful launch. It is for a fact that, Google nexus 5 has turned out to be a huge hit among mobile phone users. As the Google Nexus release date nears, the number of fans waiting for its launch is just overwhelming. Those who are interested in ripoff have already tried dealdashtips and are more than satisfied.

Also worth noting is the increased number of readers that have been following various blogs that touches on Google Nexus 5, just to get the latest reports about it. It has been rumored that, the phone will be launched towards the end of October 2013. So, is this any kind of truth in this rumor? Well, as tech savvy’s have it, any further delay of its launch might turn out to be a huge disappointment, which the company would certainly not want to experience. This means that, the Google Nexus 5 release date may be sooner than fans can imagine.

 So, What Are Some Of The Best Specification Rumors On The Device?

When it comes to SmartPhones, the features it possesses are a huge determinant of its success in the market. If the rumors are anything to go by, then the specifications are some that the users will be quite happy with.

v  Camera- to begin with, the Smartphone is expected to have a major upgrade with the rear having a 13mp amazing shooter. At the front, the device is expected to have a 3 MP excellent shooter. This means that, anyone who has a passion for photography has something to smile about with the new device.

v  Sleek design- the phone is rumored to have an ultra thin design, a feature that most smart phone users are looking forward to. This also goes along way to explain why Google Nexus 5 release date has been of great importance to many fans.

v  Performance- The performance of Google Nexus 5 is expected to exceed that of its predecessor

So Where Did The Rumors about Google Nexus 5 Release Date Start From?

The rumors about Google Nexus 5 release date all started from a Google video leak that was availed on YouTube.  The video portrayed an employee from Google who was showing an iteration of the latest android. The employee was using a black matte Smartphone which had an LG logo on it as well as the Nexus name. The first images of the phone were uploaded on the web in September. These images illustrated an ultra-thin bezel suggestive of the LG G2 blueprint. Fresh images of a rear camera, slim bezel as well as Nexus branding shortly followed.

Even with all the widely spreading rumors, only time will tell if the rumors are accurate. All that people can agree on for now is that Google Nexus 5 release date is surely on its way. It will also be in order to assume that, Google Nexus 5 will be as beautiful as people are claiming it will be.

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