New modern disease is Nomophobia


One would think that the prospect of getting married, starting a new job or going to the dentist would be long recognised as sources of great stress for those who have to go through these things in life. However, it seems that now they are matched by a new, peculiar affliction related to the 21st century lifestyle, and that is “nomophobia” – the fear of being out of mobile phone contact.

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Nokia N81: 8GB review


The Nokia N81 comes in 2 types, an 8GB version and a smaller version but with a MicroSD slot to increase memory should you so wish. The phone itself brings nothing new to the world of mobile phones but what it does do it does well. Most noticeable about the phone is the Navi-Wheel in the bottom centre of the handset which can be set to work as a kind of small touch panel making navigation through the phones menu far easier and being especially useful if you have a lot of multimedia to flick through. Around the Navi-Wheel are the controls for your media such as play/pause etc. The phone is not light at 140g and measures 102mm x 50mm x 17.9mm which is rather large for a mobile phone but makes use of a sliding keypad to keep it as compact as possible.

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Precautions when using broadband phone services

Though the use of broadband phone service is very advantageous, you should always consider the below-mentioned precautions while utilizing the broadband phone services.

1 – As it is very clear that broadband phones work by the transmission of digital signals by using broadband internet connection, it is always suggested to go for a high quality broadband connection else it will affect the quality of the phone calls.

2 – You should always be ready with a back up in case of break down of power supply and internet connection as this break down will stop the functioning of broadband phones.

3 – It is the responsibility of the users to update the VOIP service providers regarding your current address so that they can assist you at the time of emergency through their service of 9-1-1.

It is always recommended to search for the functioning of technology, benefits, and limitations of the VOIP phones while planning to have a broadband phone connection so that your investment should not go into drains.