HTC Primo

HTC is the most famous and advance brand in the market of smartphones. It is a rumor that HTC will announce its new smart phone in the month of February. It is going to release HTC Primo. Dimensions and weight of this phone is not yet released. The Super AMOLED capacitive touchscreen support 16 million colors along with the accelerometer, proximity and compass sensors. The size of this phone is 3.7 inches. It will give the display 480 x 854 pixels display.

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Nokia Lumia 900 vs HTC Titan II

The Windows smartphone market has started boosting. Recently two superior Windows smartphones were announced. One of these is Nokia Lumina 900 and other one is HTC Titan II. Both the smartphone will hit the market in the Q1 of 2012. The specs and features of both phones are pretty good that they can give each other a stiff competition to each other. These both smartphones will also be giving head to head competition other present smartphones of other brands.

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HTC Velocity 4G

The main feature of HTC Velocity 4G is obviously 4G. It is the latest smartphone released by the brand HTC. HTC is the most advanced and reliable brand in the market. It is labeled as Telstra’s LTE enablement of its next G network. It tracks on the LTE 1800 MHz network band. You must be wondering that how fast 4G is, it is very fast. It doubles the speed of 3G. This phone will provide the speed between the 2 MB per second and 40 mbps. However, 3G is fast and impressive: in a full coverage of 3G we regularly manage speed between the 13 mbps and 19 mbps which is also much faster and smarter.

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HTC Velocity 4G Vodafone

Finally HTC has announced one of its superior smartphone i.e. HTC Velocity 4G which was in many rumors before. This smartphone was announced by HTC officially on 8th of February but it was getting popularity from before because of its rumors. HTC Velocity 4G will be launched with the contract of Vodafone and now this phone is getting popularity with the name “HTC Velocity 4G Vodafone”. The release date of HTC Velocity 4G Vodafone is scheduled for Q1 2012.

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HTC Raider 4G

In the month of September, all leading smartphone manufacturing brands have announced to launch many superior smartphones. Few of them will hit the market soon. One of the upcoming CDMA HTC smartphone is HTC Raider 4G. This smartphone is also known as HTC Holiday and HTC RIDER. This phone is going to affect the sales of other leading smartphones which are presently ruling in the market.

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