Galaxy Note 4 rumors, specifications and release date

Samsung Galaxy Note 4

Next year Samsung will reveal the best smartphones of the market including Galaxy S5, Note 4 and later Galaxy S6 smartphone. You must know Samsung Galaxy S5 is releasing early Jan 2014 and in the same year, Samsung will launch Galaxy S6 in fourth quarter of 2014. Along with Galaxy S5 its big brother Galaxy Note 4 rumors has started breathing and spreading like fire.

Here we have arranged few of the rumors that are just revealed on the web. We don’t promise that they are true but if we think about the 2014 smartphones, then they seems to be true.

Galaxy Note 4 hardware specs:

The system configuration of Galaxy Note 4 would be pretty interesting with either true Octa-Core processor manufactured at 14nm scale. Interestingly the processor chipset architecture would be 64-bit. The new trend of 64-bit architecture has just started after the iPhone 5S release. On other hand, there is also a rumor that, Note 4 might carry 16-core big.LITTLE architecture processor chipset which will have two pairs of true Octa-Core. Along with these specifications, Note 4 could be the trend setter of 4GB RAM in android phablet / smartphone.

Release date in dilemma

The release date of Note 4 is expected either in June or July 2014 as computed by few of the sources on the web. Moreover, previous records define a different story. Samsung has always launched Note series devices in either month of August or September. If we talk about the Note 3, it was released in September 2013.

In past couple of years, Samsung has revealed few most powerful hardware components for the smartphone devices which include powerful processor true octa-core, 14nm chipset, 128GB memory modules, YOUM display, curved edge display. Yes of course, these all components may results in a best smartphone of the market and Samsung fans are waiting for it.

Galaxy Note 3 is already a powerful smartphone and its big brother would also carry much power but at present there is no much information available on the web, still you can find few sources on including that are following every possible news of Note 4.


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