Features of Nokia N96

The Nokia N96 has an enhanced navigation experience that includes rich, easy-to-use maps with urban detail as well as satellite views. Voice guided turn-by-turn navigation – for walking or driving – along with the new City Guides that offer a great way to explore undiscovered places. It is even possible to upload and share personalized journeys, favourite places and great new finds online.

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Wanting a perfect snap using your mobile? C905 does it

The elegant and unique model Sony-Ericsson C905 is exclusively for those who were in search of a cell phone which could take up snaps almost with zero quality defects. There are so many provisions in the camera option including adjusting the light settings, changing the contrasts and even we can alter the face color combination in it. It also provides us with a path finder which could help us to find the route and location where we exactly are.

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Sony Ericsson Z610i on the way

The new Sony Ericsson Z610i is one of the most design perfect clamshell phones. The designers have said that they had in their mind to make the best looking clamshell ever. At least their efforts are not in vain as the phone is making big time numbers in sales. The cell phone also provides online internet facilities which enable the customers to share pictures very fast. The phone supports UMTS or GSM series such as 900, 1800 and 1900.

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Omnia – not just a mobile

The Samsung’s new Omnia numbered at i910 is the most popular model of the brand. In this age, mobiles are not just for communication in the conventional terms. But you can do anything and everything with a phone. Omnia is one such touch of technology at its best. The 3G support and the crystal clear 5.0 megapixel camera are the primary advantages of the mobile phone. Samsung is proud of the design, Wifi and the rare television output from the phone.

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Sony-Ericsson Z710 for clamshell lovers

The Sony-Ericsson Z710 is one of the most sophisticated phones that have been introduced by the cell phone manufacturer Sony-Ericsson. This phone has recently hit the markets and has got a good response from the customers. It is a clamshell phone which is very efficient in making fast calls and also for sending fast messages. This phone is also well equipped with data transfer and communication.  Data communication is provided by means of the Bluetooth technology which enables the transfer of files between two different cell phones and also transfer of files between the phone and the computer for synchronizing data and other personal information. There is also an e-mail facility which is provided in this Sony Ericsson Z710 phone to help the user keep track of the latest news.

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New excitement in Samsung Beat 270

The Samsung Beat 270 is one of the most elegant models which are fast moving in the market. It includes many new advanced and highly technical features like karaoke music being played which brings excitement to all. Also one mesmerizing feature in it is the music-recognition software it has. It brings surprise to many when it provides us with all information regarding the song played which makes the model outstanding.

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