Savings from making calls with calling cards

Calling Cards Savings from making calls with calling cards

If your native switchboard operator charges you the moon for making international calls, don’t sweat! Help is at hand and international career cards like comfi are the way to go. Not exclusively ar you able to produce calls to varied countries across the world, you what is {more} might need to be compelled to pay less for talking more. International career cards, as a result of the name suggests, ar phonephone cards that allow you to call over long distances additionally as dial your friends and family residing abroad from the comfort of your home or geographical point. not do i ought to be compelled to pay large bills for chatting along with your wished ones abroad, or your client in another country. With international career cards you’ll be able to fancy complete freedom and low rates. Read more…

Release date of the Google Nexus 5

Google Nexus 5 Release date of the Google Nexus 5

In the mobile phones market, the success of any Smartphone is highly dependent on price, features as well as the level to which marketing is undertaken. When it comes to Google Nexus 5, the hype that has been experienced in the recent past is just more than a marketing team would need to do for a successful launch. It is for a fact that, Google nexus 5 has turned out to be a huge hit among mobile phone users. As the Google Nexus release date nears, the number of fans waiting for its launch is just overwhelming.

Also worth noting is the increased number of readers that have been following various blogs that touches on Google Nexus 5, just to get the latest reports about it. It has been rumored that, the phone will be launched towards the end of October 2013. So, is this any kind of truth in this rumor? Well, as tech savvy’s have it, any further delay of its launch might turn out to be a huge disappointment, which the company would certainly not want to experience. This means that, the Google Nexus 5 release date may be sooner than fans can imagine. Read more…

Galaxy Note 4 rumors, specifications and release date

Samsung Galaxy Note 4 Galaxy Note 4 rumors, specifications and release date

Next year Samsung will reveal the best smartphones of the market including Galaxy S5, Note 4 and later Galaxy S6 smartphone. You must know Samsung Galaxy S5 is releasing early Jan 2014 and in the same year, Samsung will launch Galaxy S6 in fourth quarter of 2014. Along with Galaxy S5 its big brother Galaxy Note 4 rumors has started breathing and spreading like fire.

Here we have arranged few of the rumors that are just revealed on the web. We don’t promise that they are true but if we think about the 2014 smartphones, then they seems to be true. Read more…

Samsung Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S5 would carry 64-bit chipset

Samsung Galaxy S6 Samsung Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S5 would carry 64 bit chipset

After the launch of Apple iPhone 5S with 64-bit chipset, Samsung has hinted about the next generation Exynos chipset series that will have true 64-bit architecture and will take the performance to the next level. And Samsung hinted, soon this new chipset will appear in Jan with the launch of Galaxy S5 and later Galaxy S6 will take this 64-bit architecture to the next level in the smartphone era.

In last couple of months, few rumors came in the front which was confirming the hyper skin concept design Samsung Galaxy S5 smartphone but later with the time, it was confirmed, Galaxy S5 would carry Ultra High Definition display which would not be flexible or 3D. And now as per the rumors, Galaxy S6 could be the first hyper skin concept smartphone which would be released for the general public. However, nothing has been officially confirmed from the Samsung’s end but still people have start imagining their star smartphone. But who knows, if someone’s imagination will match exactly to the original specification of Galaxy S6. In reality the possibility for this case is negligible. Read more…

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